Diggs is rolling out our new wing sauce line up for the new year!

Diggs Original Hot Sauce - It will have you sweating more than Richard Simmons!

Diggs Medium Sauce - Franks Red Hot and real butter, you can’t go wrong!

Hot Garlic Parmesan - HGP is an all-time favorite that bursts with flavor!

Bourbon Barbeque - You can take the edge off with this scratch recipe!

Spicy Barbeque - For those who like a little zing!

Caribbean Jerk -  Jerk please!

We are introducing two dry rubs as well for the not so messy fingers.

Caribbean Jerk Dry Rub - Just how it sounds!

We hope you come hungry.  You can check out the menu below.


Diggs Menu 5.1.14 Front



Diggs Menu 5.1.14 Back